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Get into our Oganic Milk Bath, filled with botanicals, essential oils, and Epsom salt. This gentle and relaxing formula is perfect for those seeking to soothe their skin and unwind after a long day. Made with powdered milk, our milk bath provides a creamy and moisturizing experience that will leave your skin hydrated. Enjoy the natural and organic goodness of our milk bath, and let the calming aroma of essential oils take you on a tranquil journey.

Organic Milk Bath

  • Scents Available:

    Golden Citrus Mimosa, Kiss Me All Over, Let That 'Ish Go, Forget Me Not (Lavender), Eucaluptus, Self Love, Rosemary, Vanilla Fantasy, Baby Powder, Chill AF, Peppermint, Love Potion, Yoni Rose, Muscle Relaxer, Gimme Some Suga', Relax Relate and RELEASE, Sage That Shit, Inhale The Good Shit & Exhale The Bad Shit, New Beginning, I Feel So Alive, Because I'm Happy, I'm Just In Here Thinkin', Restore Yo'Self, I Ain't Stressin' Tonight, I Slayed My Day

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