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This brush features natural bristles are firm enough to remove dead skin cells and promote circulation, but gentle enough to avoid irritation. Without a handle, it'll allow you to easily maneuver it around your body for a thorough exfoliation. 


Use this brush in the shower or bath with your favorite body wash or scrub for smooth and soft, radiant skin.

Body Exfoliator Brush

  • Make sure your body is wet and lathered with soap or body scrub of choice.

    1. Apply Soap or Body Scrub   Lather your body with your favorite soap or body scrub. DO NOT rinse yet.
    2. Exfoliate in Circular Motions   Placing your palm between the brush and handband, exfoliate in circular motions in areas of concern to promote circulation and remove dead skin.
    3. Rinse    Rinse the remaining soap or body scrub off of the brush. Rinse the remaining soap or body scrub off of yourself to reveal healthier, glowing skin.
  • Keep dry unless in use.

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